With classic propliners and jets of Dutch airlines. Not only of KLM, Martinair and Transavia but also of smaller companies and no longer active airlines.Besides a few interesting aircraft of the RNeth.AF and the RNet.N.A.S, plus a few rare birds.

Next to the repaints you will find pop-ups of the original photos which I used for repainting. If a pop-up of an 2D IFR-panel is displayed, it is included in the download. All repaints are freeware and can be downloaded by using the button: Downloads. Please send me an email with your tips and comments.
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The MD-11 was the successor to the DC-10. Same configuration, but a slightly longer fuselage, new engines, improved aerodynamics and a modern cockpit. The aircraft made its first test flight on January 10, 1990 and in December 1990 Finnair was able to take delivery of the first aircraft. After the merger with McDonnell Douglas, Boeing decided to cease production of the MD-11 in March 2001. The last passenger MD-11 rolled out of the factory in 1998 and the last freighter two years later. A total of two hundred MD-11s were built.

KLM operated 10 MD-11s from December 1993 to 2014. They had a configuration for up to 320 passengers: 24 World Business Class, 26 Economy Comfort and 270 Economy Class. The aircraft were modernized in 2006 and 2007. From July 2012, KLM started phasing out the MD-11 for economic reasons. The last flight was carried out on October 26, 2014. KLM was the last airline in the world to use the MD-11 on regular intercontinental passenger routes.

Martinair has had seven MD-11s combi/pax/freight and in service since 1995 of the types CF (combi/pax freight) and F( freight only). The CF's were used in the summer months for passenger flights to distant holiday destinations. They could carry 368 passengers. After the summer of 2008, all MD-11s at Martinair were only used for cargo flights. The first aircraft left the fleet in 2013. On July 1, 2016, the last one flew to Southern California Logistics Airport (Victorville) for scrapping

I have chosen Mike Stone's MD-11 for these repaints. Bob Chicilo modified the model and improved the flight dynamics. I have combined all MD-11s in one download which you can find on the download page: McDonnell MD-11 Dutch Pack for FS2004 or McDonnell MD-11 Dutch Pack for FSX