Type: Vickers Viscount 803

Program: FS2004 and FSX, with 3 repaints

Model: Jens B. Kristensen

Operator: KLM

Download: Complete aircraft

The Brabazon Committee was established in 1942 with the aim of identifying the needs of the post-war British civilian market. One of the specifications was a design for an aircraft with a pressurized cabin that could carry 24 passengers over 1,750 miles with a speed of 200 miles per hour. The Vickers Viscount was Vickers-Armstrong's proposal. Revolutionary was the choice for the newly developed Rolls Royce Dart turboprop. The Committee was not entirely convinced and actually preferred piston engines. In addition to a prototype for the Viscount, it was decided to order a prototype for the Airspeed Ambassador. The Viscount flew for the first time in 1948. The test flights resulted in the production series 700 and 800. The last mentioned had an extended fuselage of 1.20 mtr. 445 Viscounts were eventually built by only 23 of the Ambassador. In 1956, KLM ordered nine of the series 800 and these were delivered from mid-1957 onwards. The PH-VIA was part of the KLM-fleet until 1966 and then sold to Aer Lingus, together with the other eight.

Type: Vickers Viscount 802

Program: FS2004 and FSX

Model: Jens B. Kristensen

Operator: Dutch Air Ferries

Download: Complete aircraft

In September 1987 Dutch Air Ferries started a scheduled service Twente Airport(Enschede/Eelde Airport(Groningen) to London Gatwick. Dutch Air Ferries was established by H. Glastra. He brought 1 million Dutch guilders of the initial capital of 2 million. At the start Dutch Air Ferries had only a few employees on a contract basis and no aircraft of its own. A Viscount of British Air Ferries was hired. After a few weeks, the services had already to stop due to lack of passengers interest and financial problems. This repaint is an impression of the livery if DAF would have been succesful. The basic colors of British Air Ferries with the name replaced by Dutch Air Ferries and the other one based on the DAF time table.