Fairways Rotterdam
Type : Douglas DC 3 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : default Microsoft Operator : Fairways Rotterdam Download : Repaint only
Fairways Rotterdam was established as subsidiary of the shipping company De NV Scheepvaart en Steenkolen Maatschappij (SSM). First it flew only charters in Europe. From April till August 1964 it operated a twice-weekly service Rotterdam-Southampton. Fairlines have had 6 C-47's in its fleet. In 1963 the parent company took an interest in Martin's Air Charter. In January 1964 Fairways transferred its operations to Martin's Air Charter (MAC). The remaining 2 C-47's went to MAC in Amsterdam and till August 1964 the service Rotterdam-Southampton had been operated by a MAC Dove. The PH-SSC was bought in August 1961 from Fred Olsen Lines and sold to Delta Air Transport, Antwerp in June 1970.
Type : De Havilland DH104 Serie 1 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Rick Piper Operator : Martin's Air Charter Download : Only repaint
The PH-MAD was the first Dove owned by Martin's Air Charter. In 1964 MAC bought Fairways Rotterdam. MAC needed the Fairways DC-3's urgently for its charterflights.The PH-MAD replaced the C-47 on the line Rotterdam-Southampton with the name "Fairways Rotterdam" instead of "Martin's Air Charter Ltd" on the fuselage. End 1964 however one stopped the service and the plane was painted again in the newest MAC- levery and mainly used for pleasure-flights over Amsterdam. After that sold to the UK.
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