Type: Consolidated PBY5A Catalina

Program: FS2004 and FSX

Model: Alphasim

Operator: KLM Insulair Bedrijf

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From 1947 till 1950 the Interinsulair Service of KLM had nine Catalina's in the fleet. They were used in the Indonesian Archipelago. They accommodated 14 till 18 passengers. After the independence of Indonesia the PK-CTB was transferred to Garuda.

Type: Consolidated PBY5A Catalina

Program: FS2004 and FSX, pack with 4 repaints

Model: Alphasim

Operator: MLD

Download: Complete aircraft

From 1946 till 1957 the Marine Luchtvaartdienst (Dutch Navy) had have 22 Catalina's in service. They came from the WWII-warsurplus of the USA and obtained through the Mutual Defence Assistance Program. They were used in the Indonesian Archipelago, New Guinea(Irian Jaya) and The Netherlands as SAR-aircraft, bomber, torpedo plane, transport and liaison aircraft.

Type: Convair CV-240

Program: FS2004 and FSX

Model: Virtual Birds Factory

Operator: KLM

Download: Only repaint

Convair developed the CV-240 shortly after World War II as a replacement for the Douglas DC-3. On March 16, 1947, the prototype made its first flight. KLM bought twelve of them, which were used on European lines from the end of 1948 to the end of 1957, after which 6 were sold to the German Flugdienst (Lufthansa). The remaining aircraft went to Swissair and LOT. Read Read me First for the correct installation.

Type: Convair CV-440

Program: FS2004 and FSX

Model: Greg Pepper

Operator: Martin's Air Charter

Download: Repaint only

The PH-CGD was originally delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as PH-TGD. In April 1954 it was reregistered as PH-CGD. In 1955 the plane was coverted to model CV-440. Martin's Air Charter bought it in Januari 1964. In April 1966 it was again converted to model CV-640 with two RR Darts-engines. The PH-CGD was mainly used for passengercharters in Europe. Sold in July 1971 to the USA.