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Type : Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Program : FS2004 and FSX, Klu pack with 3 repaints Model : A.F. Scrub Operator : Schreiner Aerocontractors Download : Complete aircraft
In 1954 the Royal Netherlands Airforce 3W-14 transferred its Spitfire 3W-14 to Schreiner. It was painted orange, registered PH-NFO and then be used as target tug from Texel Airfield. After a crash in June 1957 the aircraft was scrapped.
Type : Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXT Program : FS2004 and FSX, Klu pack with 2 repaints Model : A.F.Scrub Operator : Schreiner Aerocontractors Download : Complete aircraft
After WII the Royal Netherlands Airforce took over 72 Spitfires from the RAF's war surplus. Three of which were two seat trainers.Originally they were built as standard Mk IX's but later concerted to MK IXT's. In service from March 1948 till 1951 and the 3W-22 till May 1953. It was transferred to Schreiner, painted orange, registered PH-NFN and then be used as target tug from Texel Airfield. After a crash in May 1957 the aircraft was scrapped.
Type : Stinson L5B Sentinel Program : FS2004 Model : JRLucarinyModels Operator : Prince Bernard Download : Complete aircraft
During WII 3,590 Sentinels were built and especially used as reconnaissance and liason aircraft. In 1944 the RAF offered one to Prince Bernard of The Netherlands. It was registered as PH-PBB and stationed at Hilversum Airfield and flown by the prince himself till 1956. It then passed into private hands. Fortunately the aircraft preserved. It has been restored and today it is owned and flown by Royal Netherlands Historic Flight at Gilze Rijen Airbase.
Type : Miles M-57 Aerovan MK 4 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Dave Molyneaux Operator : Nastra Luchtreclame, Rotterdam Download : Complete aircraft
The Miles M-57 Aerovan was a short range, low-cost transporter. From 1946 till 1947 Miles built 52 examples, mainly used for freight, joy-riding and passenger services. One example was owned by Nastra Luchtreclame Services in Rotterdam and used for aerial advertising and joy-riding. In March 1959 they bought the Miles M.47 Aerovan G-AHXH, ex Island Air Charters , Jersey from Air Contractors and registered as PH-EAB. The owner of Nastra had seen an Aerovan in the UK mounted with frames on both sides of the plane. With neon letters on those frames a brandname( usually a cigarette brand) could be seen during the twilight houres. Unfortunately, the Nastra Aerovan was severely damaged during a storm in 1961 and was subsequently scrapped.The later succesful Short Aerovan was based on the Miles Aerovan with a high-aspect wing of Hurel-Dubois.
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Type : Gippsland GA8 Airvan Program : FS2004 and FSX, pack with 2 repaints Model : Mike Stone Operator : Kammair and Stichting Hoogvliegers Download : Complete aircraft
The Australian built Gippsland GA8 Airvan is a multipurpose aircraft for 4 to up to 14 passengers. Besides the GA8 Gippsland has also developed the slightly larger GA10 turboprop version. Till today over 200 are built. Kammair started in October 2006 with a single Gippsland GA8 at Rotterdam Airport. A weird choice to fly with this type as the only operator in the Netherlands. Kammair focused on pleasure flights and taxi services.One of its customers was the foundation Stichting Hoogvliegers, which organizes pleasure flights with sick and disabled children. Kammair has not become really successful. In 2011 it ceased its activities and the PH KMR was sold to the foundation Stichting Hoogvliegers. It was painted in bright colors and fly from Lelystad Airport since.