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Type : Sud Aviation Caravelle SE 210 Mark III Program : FS2004 and FSX, pack with 2 repaints Model : Mike Stone Operator : KLM Download : Complete aircraft
In the mid fifties, KLM had to buy new planes for the medium range. Did they have to choose the Sud Aviation Caravelle, like other European companies had done, or the less advanced turboprop Lockheed Electra L-199? In 1969, the Lockheed Electra was elected, a comfortable aircraft with a traditional configuration. The slightly lower cruising speed, compared to the Caravelle, was not seen as a disadvantage. On the routes where the aircraft would be used it differed hardly in time. KLM chose as the only European airline the Electra. Problems en route and in maintenance were less easier to solve. The Electra had a speed limit during the first two years, due to a design fault in the engine mounts. After modifications by Lockheed the Electra proved to be reliable, comfortable and with good economics. However the passengers appeared to have a strong preference for jets like the Caravelle. KLM was forced to replace the Electra by the DC-8 for medium ranges and use the Electra only for the short ranges.In 1969 all Electra's were sold. Perhaps the Sud Aviation Caravelle would have been a better. The two repaints give you an impression of how the aircraft could have been seen as KLM had made that choice.
Maastricht Airlines,the airline that never flew. Initially, it looked good. Sufficient initial capital, leased aircraft already registered in the Dutch aviation register and already a few thousand tickets sold. Operations were scheduled to begin on 25 March 2013 from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Berlin, Munich and Amsterdam. Due to corrosion problems the delivery of the Fokker 50 was postponed a few times and even cancelled. No alternative F50 were available and there was no money left. In June 2013 it was declared bankrupt. It has tried to make a new start with two Bombardier CRJ 200 but this attempt did not succeed.
Type : Fokker 50 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Dream Wings Operator : Maastricht Airlines Download : Complete Aircraft
Type : Bombardier CRJ 200 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Premier Aircraft Design Operator : Maastricht Airlines Download : Complete aircraft
Maastricht Airlines,the airline that never flew. It has tried to make a new start with two Bombardier CRJ 200 but this attempt did not succeed.
Type : Vickers Viscount 802 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Jens B. Kristensen Operator : Dutch Air Ferries Download : Complete aircraft
In September 1987 Dutch Air Ferries started a scheduled service Twente Airport(Enschede/Eelde Airport(Groningen) to London Gatwick. Dutch Air Ferries was established by H. Glastra. He brought 1 million Dutch guilders of the initial capital of 2 million. At the start Dutch Air Ferries had only a few employees on a contract basis and no aircraft of its own. A Viscount of British Air Ferries was hired. After a few weeks, the services had already to stop due to lack of passengers interest and financial problems. This repaint is an impression of the livery if DAF would have been succesful. The basic colors of British Air Ferries with the name replaced by Dutch Air Ferries and the other one based on the DAF time table.