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Welcome to my site with repaints for Microsoft Flight Simulator With classic propliners and jets of Dutch airlines. Not only of KLM, Martinair and Transavia but also of smaller companies and no longer active airlines.Besides a few interesting aircraft of the RNeth.AF and the RNet.N.A.S, plus a few rare birds. Next to the repaints you will find pop-ups of the original photos which I used for repainting. If a pop-up of an 2D IFR-panel is displayed, it is included in the download. All repaints are freeware and can be downloaded by using the button: Downloads. Please send me an email with your tips and comments.
website start : 31.10.2013 last update : 18.05.2023
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For the next updates I am working on Euravia Air Services Limburg and the propliners of KLM.
For this update I have chosen one of the many Dutch companies which have tried to gain a position in the aviation market. In 2005, Magic Blue Airlines started operations at Rotterdam Airport in 2005. The company was owned by Luxembourg-based FN Holding which also owned Farnair Europe. They had ambitious plans to operate both freight and passenger çharter services with a number of BAe ATP’s. The first contract came from Swedish Post. Business already went wrong from the start. The two leased ATPs were delivered too late, so that the contract for the Swedish Post could not be carried out and Magic was confronted with a claim. There were insufficient financial resources and Magic Blue Airlines went bankrupt within a year. With a staff of twelve employees the company made a restart with a new name: Magic Bird Cargo. Beside two leased BAe ATPs ‘two Fokker 50 were also added to the fleet. And again it went wrong after a few months and in 2007 the towel was finally thrown in the ring.
The scheme of the Fokker 50 is not the livery of Magic Bird Cargo but from the previous user with only added the Magic Bird Cargo name. I could not find out which that previous user was. Presumably a company from the Middle or Far East. The British Aerospace BAe ATP is a further development of the HS.748. The fuselage was lengthened by 5.49 m, the wing tips were redesigned and the tail had a slight sweepback.The Rolls Royce Darts were replaced by the more economical Pratt & Whitney PW124 turbines with six- bladed propellers. The cockpit got a new digital layout. The Fokker 50 was a further development of the Fokker F.27 Friendship. Despite of the fact that the Fokker 50 has almost the same appearance as its predecessor, 80% has been renewed. The BAe ATP and the Fokker 50 were meant to be for in the same segment of the market. Sales of the ATP were difficult. Only 65 were produced from 1988 to 1996 and were soon offered on the second-hand market. From 1985 until the bankruptcy of Fokker in 1997, 213 aircraft of the Fokker 50 were built.
BAe ATP  Magic Blue Airlines BAe ATP  Magic Bird Cargo Fokker 50 Magic Bird Cargo