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Moormanair purchased the PH-MAG from Martinair Holland. Till May 1973 in service for daily flowercargo- flights to Paris and pleasureflights on Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. In May 1973 the aircraft has been sold to Scorpio Films to be used in the Dutch movie "Dakota". In March 1974 it went to Tradewinds in Nigeria as 5N- ATA.
Type : Douglas DC 3 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : default Microsoft Operator : Moormanair Holland Download : Repaint only
Type : Boeing 737-200 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Erick Cantu Operator : Rotterdam Airlines Download : Complete aircraft
Rotterdam Airlines operated only a brief period. The PH-RAL was its sole aircraft. Leased from Trans European Airways, Brussels from 28th of November 1983 untill 28th of March 1984. It has been used on the Rotterdam- London Gatwick and Rotterdam- Innsbrück-services. Its load factors were disappointing and there were insufficient financial resources left to continue the operation and Rotterdam Airlines went in liquidation.
Type : Dornier 228-212 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Premier Aircraft Design Operator : Flexair Download : Complete aircraft
The PH-FXA was leased by Flexair for the service Rotterdam Airport-London City Airport. Flexair exploited this service from September 1989 till July 1994. The company had too less financial resources to expand its operations. It intended to start a service between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport-London City Airport with an aircraft with more passenger capacity. The financiers did not provide the necessairy recourses and Flexair went bankrupt.
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Type : Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : AI model J.E.Narcizo - RanchoJEN Operator : Twente Airlines, F'airlines and Freeway Air Download : Complete aircraft
Twente Airlines operated from September 1990 till the end of 1992 with a single hired Embrear EMB-110P the route Twente AB to Amsterdam Schiphol. At first the number of passengers were reasenable but decreased rapidly. 6 Daily flights went to 2. At the end of 1992 the route was continued by F'airlines which added the new route Eelde Groningen-Amsterdam Schiphol. The payloads, esspecially from Eelde Groningen, were good. One had plans for a new route Eelde-London. KLM was not amused and F'airlines was more or less forced to sell its operations in October 1998 to KLM Excel, which stopped the services only a few months later. The FVC was one of the three leased Bandeirates of F'airlines. The PH-FWT was owned by Freeways Air BV, Schiphol, which sold it in 1995. This company provided last-minute package flights until 1995. When their main clients stopped or sold their activities, Freeway Air also had to end its activities and the PH-FWT was sold.
Type : Airbus A300B4 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : SGA Operator : Farnair Europe Download : Complete aircraft
Farnair Europe was the Dutch subsidiary of the Farnair Europe Aviation Group. This group was created by Farner Air Transport Ag (FAT) which was established in Basel and started operations in the beginning of 1984. In 1993 it acquired the majority of a Hungarian airline which was renamed to Farnair Air Transport Hungary. In 1998 it started Farnair Europe in the Netherlands and a year later Farnair Germany. In 2003 Farnair Germany is phased out and Farnair Europe Netherlands and Farnair Technical Services AG were sold. In 2004 the Farnair Group was consolidated into 2 entities: Farnair Switzerland and Farnair Hungary. In December 2014 Farnair was acquired by ASL Aviation. Farnair Europe Netherlands started as Tulip Air Charter but after a management buyout in 1998 it was renamed Farnair Europe. In 1998 Farnair Europe went bankrupt.The PH-ABF (ex SX-BEF Olympic Airways) was one of the four Airbus A300's which Farnair Europe Netherlands had in its fleet from 1998 untill 2006. They were mainly used for DHL and UPC parcel services.
Type : Airbus A300B4 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : SGA Operator : Jet Link Holland Download : Complete aircraft
Jet Link Holland was founded in 1991 as a cargo airline at Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport. Due to the Gulf War, it was not possible to start operations until June 1998 with a single Airbus A300 with flights to China, Japan and the US. In August 1998, Jet Link Holland planned to operate flights between Amsterdam, Cairo and Tripoli, but that was only possible with a plane registered in Egypt. Before that, the Egyptian subsidiary Tristar Air was established, which took care of the connection Cairo with Amsterdam and Tripoli with a single A300. In March 2000, the Dutch civil aviation authorities decided that Jet Link's A300 did not comply with the regulations and the AOP, air operator's certificate was suspended. Jet Link was unable to resolve the problems and was declared bankrupt in June. The Egyptian subsidiary Tristar Air continued to operate flights between Cairo, Tripoli and Amsterdam until it too had to cease operations in 2015.