Dutch government
The PH-PBA has been the pivate plane of the Dutch Royal Family and the Dutch Government from October 1949 till September 1970. It was replaced by the Fokker Friendship PH-PBF and went to the Rijksluchtvaartdienst(RLD) for calibrations of the Dutch air corridors. In June 1995 donated to Aviodome aviation museum, Amsterdam. Till September 1997 it was a static aircraft at the entrance of the museum. The Dutch Dakota Association(DDA) has restorted the plane for many years and today it flies in its old glory again.
Type : Douglas DC 3 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : default Microsoft Operator : Dutch Government Download : Repaint only
The PH-PBF replaced in March 1960 the DC-3 PH-PBA of the Dutch Government and in March 1972 replaced by a Fokker F.28 Fellowship. Beside the Dutch Government the plane has been used by the Dutch Royal Family. The PBF returned to Fokker and sold to Indonesia as PK-KFR.
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Type : Boeing 737-700NG Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Erick Cantu Operator : Dutch Government Download : Complete aircraft
The Dutch government decided a few years ago to replace the outdated Fokker F-70. This aircraft was too small and could not directly fly to all overseas territories within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In accordance with European law, a tendering procedure was started on which no valid offers were issued. Then it was decided to start an exclusive negotiation procedure with Boeing that could meet the requirements. This resulted in an order for a Boeing 737-700NG BBJ which will be delivered for 92.7 million Euro. Fokker Technologies will install a luxurious interior with 24 seats. Members of the royal family, politicians and other officials who will use the Boeing, have 12 seats in the VIP area. The other chairs are meant to be for accompanying staff members. The PH-GOV will be in service during 2019.