KLM Aerocarto
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Type : Taylorcraft Auster MKV Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Dave Molyneau Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Complete aircraft
Taylorcraft Aeroplanes Ltd began its activities in 1938 making light observation aircraft designed by the Taylorcraft Aircraft Corporation of America. Based on the Taylorcraft model B the company developed the Taylorcraft Auster series, which were mainly used as light utility and Air Observation Post(AOP) aircraft.1,604 high-wing Taylorcraft Auster monoplanes were built during World War II for the armed forces of the UK and Canada.The name change to Auster occurred on 7 March 1946. Since 1924 KLM did already aerial photography and air cartering. Initially it used a Fokker CII, the Fokker F.VIIa and the Fokker F.VIII. After WW2 it restarted this services and bought one Auster MkV from the warsurplus of the RAF. Later all kinds of types were added, especially Cessna’s and Pipers. Often it hired additional capacity from third parties.In 1995 the company was sold to the Dutch Heidemij. The Auster PH OTO was bought from the war surplus from the RAF. It flew from 1946 till 1964 with KLM Aerocarto.
Type : Pilatus Porter PC-6 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Don Moser Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Complete aircraft
The Pilatus Porter is one of the most unique planes in the air. Originally introduced in 1959, she has been used in war, for police work, rescue, agriculture, bush flying, and many other positions where flexibility is required. The Porter is a STOL aircraft, and has the ability to go into reverse thrust at altitude to lose altitude very quickly. The plane can almost beat a skydiver down! The PH-OTE flew from 1969 till 1976 with KLM Aerocarto. Sold to the USA
The PH OTO flew from 1980 till 2003 with KLM Aerocarto and than sold to Aviodrome Air Museum at Lelystad Airport and used for pleasure flights.
Type : Cessna C-172N Program : FSX Model : Default Microsoft Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : only repaint
The PH-OTH was from 1975 till 1999 in service of Aerocarto. This model of Dee Waldron is designed as an AI-model and not 100%. However the flight dynamics are perfect, thanks to David Carter.
Type : Piper PA-31 Navajo Program : FS2004 en FSX Model : AI model Dee Waldron Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Complete aircraft
De PH-OTI was from 1977 till 1983 in service of Aerocarto. This model of Fred Choate is a simple design created with Abacus FSDSv2 and not 100%. The doors cannot be opened. The flight dynamics are OK.
Type : Piper PA-23 Aztec E Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Fred Choate Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Complete aircraft
Type : De Havilland DH89a Dominie Program : FS2004 and FSX, pack with 6 repaints Model : CBFS-team Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Only repaint
KLM Aerocarto purchased the V-3 of the Air Force at the end of 1952. First it got the registration PH-TGC and later PH-OTA and was worldwide used until 1962 for aerial photography. The aircraft was then sold to Aero Holland which used it until 1966. A few years it was an attraction at the playground of the Avifauna bird park. In 1968 the KLu got the aircraft again. It was restored as V-3 "Gelderland" and is today part of the collection of the Military Museum in Soesterberg.
The PH-OTC flew from September 1964 till Januari 1972 with KLM Aerocarto.
Type : Piper PA-18 Super Cup Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : AI RanchoJEN Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : Complete aircraft