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Type : Sikorsky S-51 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Greg Pepper Operator : Aero Holland, R.Neth.N.A.S Download : Complete aircraft with 3 repaints
The PH-HAA was the first helicopter in The Netherlands. It made its first test flight on 20 August 1947. It was purchased by Frits Diepen to gain experience with helicopters. Together with various ministries, KLM and Fokker the Foundation for Helicopters was established. Participants were allowed to test a certain number of hours with the new helicopter. In 1951 the aircraft was damaged. After a repair at Fokker, it was purchased by the MLD ( Dutch Naval Service). In January 1952 it made its first landing on the aircraft carrier "Karel Doorman". During the flood of February 1953 in Zeeland it proved its usefulness and many rescue flights were made. Until 1959 the plane flew with the registration 8-1 and with the name "Jezebel" at the MLD.
1951 Frits Diepen
MLD 1953
MLD 1955
Type : Sikorsky S-55 Program : FS2004 and FSX, separate files Model : Alphasim Operator : MLD(Dutch Naval Service) Download : Complete aircraft with 2 repaints
The Sikorsky S-55 has the engine in the nose, while the cockpit and cabine is placed in the center of gravity. This configuration has the advantage that the load has little influence on the stability of the aircraft. And the engine could be changed within two hours. In 1952 the S-55 was also approved for civilian purposes. The aircraft has been used in large numbers in the USAF, the USNavy and was the first helicopter widly used for civilian services. In total, more than 1000 aircraft of all versions are built. In addition, Westland built another 550 in the UK as the Wirlwind, while in France a number were also built at Sud-Est. The MLD(Dutch Naval Airservice) had a single S-51 in its fleet and had experienced the opportunities offered by the helicopter and wanted to set up a new helicopter squadron. Unfortunately the financial resources were lacking. In 1953 the MLD received in the context of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program three H04S-3s, a version of the S-55 with the 700hp Wright R-1300 engine. New crews were trained and the aircraft were mainly used for SAR services on the aircraft carrier Karel Doorman and at Valkenburg Air Base. The H-2 was operational until the end of 1963 and is today part of the Aviodrome collection at Lelystad Airport.
The Augusta Bell 204B is the licensed Bell UH-1B. In 1961 The Dutch Navy purchased 7 Augusta Bell's 204B for use in Dutch New Guinea but never used in that region because the government of New Guinea was transfered to the UN, soon after the purchase. All helicopters went to the Dutch Naval Service at Valkenburg Airbase and mainly used for search and rescue duties till the end of 1977.Two were stationed on CuraƧao. Originally 7 were purchased. Two aircraft crashed and were replaced by new ones. The 220 was employed from 08-06-1962 until 27-09-1977. It is currently a gatekeeper at De Kooy Naval Airbase.
Type : Augusta Bell 204B Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Lynn Rogers Operator : MLD(Dutch Naval Service) Download : Complete aircraft
Due to the increasing threat from submarines in the mid-fifties, the Royal Navy prepared a specification called MATCH (Manned Torpedo Carrying Helicopter). The helicopter to be developed had to be able to eliminate a detected submarine with torpedoes from a mothership. Based on this specification MATCH Saunders-Roe developed the P531, which made its first flight on July 20, 1958. Saunders-Roe was taken over by Westland. The Royal Navy tested the aircraft with various Landing gears, which resulted in the Westland Scout with fixed gears and the Westland Wasp with a four-wheel landing gear. The MLD(Dutch Naval Service) purchased 13 Wasps which were stationed on Dutch frigates from the end of 1966 to the beginning of 1983 and were used for anti-submarine warefare and search&rescue. Three aircraft crashed into the sea during this period. The remaining aircraft were sold to Indonesia after a overhaul at Westland.
Type : Westland UH-12A Wasp Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : UKMil Operator : MLD(Dutch Naval Service) Download : Complete aircraft
Based on specifications from the US Navy from 1952 the Sikorsky CH-34 was developed as a larger successor of the Sikorsky H04S-3 (Sikorsky S.55). Beside the usual task the helicopter also had to be suitable for submarine warfare. The prototype made its first flight in March 1954. In 1961 ten aircraft were supplied to the Royal Naval Air Service in respect of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. The Dutch government purchased an additional two more. After 1966, most were stripped of their submarine control equipment and rebuilt into the UH-34J and from than used as transport helicopter. In the first years in service, 4 aircraft were lost during duty into the sea during, while a fifth was written off after an accident. Four remaining aircraft were returned to the USA and three were written off. The last helicopter left the service in April 1972. The 134 was restored and is now part of the Aviodrome Museum collection at Lelystad Airport. The civilian version of the CH-34 is the S-58.
Type : Sikorsky CH-34J Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Paul Bradshaw Operator : MLD(Dutch Naval Service) Download : Complete aircraft
The NH-90 originated from the idea of developing a joint NATO helicopter. 4 Companies and 6 countries were involved in the development: Agusta from Italy, Eurocopter France, Eurocopter and Stork Fokker from the Netherlands. Portugal joined the project in 2001 and Belgium in 2006. The NH-90 can be flown by only one pilot and is designed to fly during the day and at night in bad weather conditions. The Dutch government has purchased 20 NH-90s to replace the Lynx SH-14D maritime helicopter, the AB-412 rescue helicopter and the Eurocopter Cougar. The Netherlands has purchased one version which is used in two roles: - 12 as Nato Frigate Helicopters (NFH). They are stationed aboard of Dutch naval ships and have all the systems which are needed for maritime combat tasks such as anti-submarine warefare, search and rescue and transport. - 8 as Tactical Nato Frigate Helicopterx (TNFH). These tactical transport helicopter are used both on land and at sea.  To perform the transport task, systems such as the sonar and the control station of the sensor have been removed to create more space and weight saving. In the TNFH role it has a rocket warning system. The 12 maritime NH-90s are stationed at De Kooy Maritime Air Base and the 8 transport helicopters at Gilze-Rijen Air Base under command of the Defense Helicopter Command.
Type : NH Industries NH-90 NFH Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : ABSimulations Operator : Defence Helicopter Command Download : Complete aircraft