Type : Cessna UC-78C Bobcat Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : AlphaSim Operator : Aero Holland Download : Complete aircraft
Aero Holland was the first charter airline in The Netherlands, established in 1948. Beside one Beechcraft D18S, it operated with 6 Cessna UC-78C Bobcats, 3 C-47A's and a few Koolhoven FK-43's and Fokker S-9’s from the former airbase Ypenburg near The Hague. After two serieus accidents with the C-47A's, it ceased its operation in december 1949. The Bobcats were intended for taxi flights. The PH-NCI was in service at Aero Holland from October 1947 and scrapped in Januari 1951.
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Hans van Spelde Flight Simulator Repaints
Type : Cessna C-172 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Default Microsoft Operator : Tulip Air Download : only repaint
Tulip Air was a Dutch airline and operated from Rotterdam Airport mainly business flights. Its fleet included Beechcraft King Air B200's, BAe J-31's Jetstreams, Piper P-31 Navajo's and Cessna C-172,s. Tulip Air was acquired by the Excel Aviation Group and formed with RAS and Dynamic Airlines,its subsidiary Dynamic Exel. Tulip Air stopped its activities, When the Exel Aviation Group went bankrupt in 2005
Type : Cessna FA337G Skymaster Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Mike Stone Operator : Rijkspolitie, Dutch Police Download : Complete aircraft
The Cessna 336 Skymaster initially flew in Februari 1961 and had fixed landing gear. 195 of this model were built. In February 1965 Cessna introduced the model 337 Super Skymaster. Larger, more powerful engines and a retractable landing gear. The Skymaster handles differently from a conventional twin-engine aircraft, primarily in that if an engine fails, the plane will not yaw toward that engine. Many variations have been built over the years. Different engine types, with and without a pressurized cabin, types for civil and military use. In total 2993 Skymasters are built, including 513 military variants. In 1982 the production in the US stopped but was continued by Reims Aviation in France.Reims built 172. The Dutch Police had two Skymasters had in its fleet. In addition to air observation of traffic situations, the aircraft were also used to check oil pollution in the North Sea and Wadden Sea. The PH-RPD was from October 1973 to July 1987 in the fleet of the Rijkspolitie.
Since 1924 KLM did already aerial photography and air cartering. Initially it used a Fokker CII, the Fokker F.VIIa and the Fokker F.VIII. After WW2 it restarted this services and bought one Auster MkV from the warsurplus of the RAF. Later all kinds of types were added, especially Cessna’s and Pipers. Often it hired additional capacity from third parties. In 1954 the activities were transferred to the subsidiary KLM Aerocarto. In 1995 the company was sold to the Dutch Heidemij. The PH OTO flew from 1980 till 2003 with KLM Aerocarto and than sold to Aviodrome Air Museum at Lelystad Airport.
Type : Cessna C-172N Program : FSX Model : Default Microsoft Operator : KLM Aerocarto Download : only repaint
Type : Cessna Citation 550 Citation II Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Dee Waldron AI model Operator : NLR en TU Delft Download : Complete aircraft
This Cessna Citation II is used by NLR since December 1993 and since 2014 by TU Delft as well. The aircraft is jointly owned and is named after Prof H.J. van der Maas, emiritus professor at the TU Delft. On one side it carries the livery of NLR and the other side of TU Delft.
Type : Cessna F150 en F152 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : J.E.Narcizo Operator : Transavia Vliegclub Download : Complete aircraft
The Cessna 150 PH-KAV was added into the Transavia Vliegclub and flew from 1974 till 1978. A little later two Cessna/Reims F152 were added. The PH-PJM from 1990 till 1997 and the PH-TVM from 1978 till 1989. These aircraft were painted in the colors of Transavia Airlines as well.
Type : Cessna C-172P Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Default Microsoft Operator : Transavia Vliegclub Download : only repaint
In 1970, Transavia captain Hans Steinbacher founded the Transavia Flying Club together with some colleagues. A damaged Piper L-18C Super Cub was purchased and was completely overhauled by Transavia's maintenance service. A Cessna 150 was added and a little later two Cessna/Reims F152. and a single Cessna 172, the only 4-seater in the fleet. All aircraft were painted in the colors of Transavia Airlines. The club was stationed at Schiphol Airport East. The airport became too busy and there was no longer room for general aviation. After 30 years it was decided to stop the activities. From June 1982 till October 1999 the Cessna 172P PH-PJL served with the club. After Schiphol Airport East was closed for general aviation, the aircraft was sold.
Type : Cessna P-206 Super Skylane Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Massimo Grassi and Fravin Guidee Operator : Flashband Flight and Seaport Commuter Download : Complete aircraft
Flashband Flight was part of Nationaal Vliegtuig Beheer, The Hague.Its activities were pleasure flights and adhoc charters from Rotterdam Airport. During that period they flew with a Cessna P206 Super Skylane, three Dornier Do28D's and a Britten Norman BN-2A. The Islander PH-NVA was purchased for the Amsterdam-Middenzeeland-Lille service, which quickly turned out to be a flop in terms of control. In addition, an attempt has been made to run a weekly service between Rotterdam and the Dutch islands Ameland and Texel during a summer season. At the weekends it flew pleasure flights over Rotterdam. The PH-KFF was from 1969 till the end of 1974 part of its fleet. Flashband and Seaport did not succeed to built a profitable position on the market and stopped its activities. Unfortunately this repaint is not 100% correct because the model of Massimo Grassi and Fravin Guidee has a few limitations. Unfortunately I could not find another freeware model.
Type : Cessna Citation 500 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Alejandro Rojas Lucena Operator : Rijksluchtvaartschool Download : Kompleet vliegtuig
The Rijksluchtvaartschool(Dutch Government Flight Training School)was founded on Januari 1st 1946 on Gilze Rijen Airforce Base for training pilots for civil aviation. In the same year began the training of airforce pilots on Gilze Rijen as well and the base became too busy. Therefore the RLS was diverted to Eelde Airport(Groningen). The RLS started with ex RAF Tiger Moths, Harvards and Beechcrafts D-18S. Soon the Tiger Moths and Harvard were replaced by SAAB Safirs. In respect with the introduction of jet airliners in the 60's the Dutch Government ordered in 1962 seven Morane Saulniers MS760B for jettraining.In 1969 3 HFB-320 Hansa Jets were purchased to replace the Morana Saulniers. This was not a really happy purchase because the Hansa Jets were noisy, thursty and expensive to maintain. Two were sold to the USA in 1977 while the last disappeared from the fleet in 1983. In 1973 seven Cessna 500 Citations were purchased which produced much less noise and were more economical to operate. They remained in service until 1991. In 1991 the Rijksluchtvaartschool was privatized and taken over by KLM for the symbolic sum of one Dutch guilder to continue as an independent company under the name KLM Luchtvaartschool (KLS) and later KLM Flight Academy.