Type : Beechcraft D18S Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, André Folkers Operator : Aero Holland Download : Complete aircraft
Aero Holland was the first charter airline in The Netherlands, established in 1948. Beside one Beechcraft D18S, it operated with 3 C-47A's six Cessna UC-78C Bobcats and a few Koolhoven FK-43's and Fokker S- 9’s from the former airbase Ypenburg near The Hague. After two serieus accidents with the C-47A's. it ceased its operation in december 1949. The PH-NCN was in service at Aero Holland from May 1948 till december 1949 and sold end 1950 to the USA
Type : Beechcraft TC-45J Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, André Folkers Operator : R.Neth.N.A.S Download : Complete aircraft
From August 1953 till February 1974 the Marine Luchtvaartdienst (Dutch Naval Air Service) had six Beechcraft TC-45J's in its fleet. They came from the WWII-warsurplus of the USA and obtained through the Mutual Defence Assistance Program. They were used for the training of navigators, telegraphers, observers and as liaison aircraft.
Type : Beechcraft Super G18 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Gregg Pepper Operator : Philips Vliegdienst Download : Complete aircraft
The PH-LPS was the first aircraft of the Philips Vliegdienst, Eindhoven and has been in its fleet from June 1955 till November 1965. It had a VIP-interior and has been used as business aircraft for the management of Philips. It had two different liveries. Sold to Canada.
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Type : Beechcraft King Air B200 Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : AI model Henry Tomkiewicz Operator : Tulip Air Download : Complete aircraft
Tulip Air was a Dutch airline and operated from Rotterdam Airport mainly business flights. Its fleet included Beechcraft King Air B200's, BAe J-31's Jetstreams, Piper P-31 Navajo's and Cessna C-172,s. Tulip Air was acquired by the Excel Aviation Group and formed with RAS and Dynamic Airlines,its subsidiary Dynamic Exel. Tulip Air stopped its activities, When the Exel Aviation Group went bankrupt in 2005.
Type : Beechcraft D18S Program : FS2004 and FSX Model : Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, André Folkers Operator : Rijksluchtvaartschool Download : Complete aircraft
The Rijksluchtvaartschool(Dutch Government Flight Training School)was founded on Januari 1st 1946 on Gilze Rijen Airforce Base for training pilots for civil aviation. In the same year began the training of airforce pilots on Gilze Rijen as well and the base became too busy. Therefore the RLS was diverted to Eelde Airport(Groningen). The RLS started with ex RAF Tiger Moths, Harvards and Beechcrafts D-18S. Soon the Tiger Moths and Harvard were replaced by SAAB Safirs. In respect with the introduction of jet airliners in the 60's the Dutch Government ordered in 1962 seven Morane Saulniers MS760B for jettraining. The PH-UDU was from October 1949 till October 1973 in service with the RLS, which have had during that period in total 15 DS18S's in its fleet. The last 4 Beechcrafts D18's were sold to Agrarflug GmbH, Worms(Germ). The PH-UDU was re-registered N9473 and departed to Worms in Germany to be resold to the USA. The remaining 3 were parked at Groningen-Eelde awaiting resale. The resale failed and the aircraft were used for spareparts.The remains were scraped in 1993.